Learn Italian in Italy

Learn Italian in Italy

If you want to feel the full richness and complexity of the Italian language and culture, there is no better way to do it than to learn Italian in Italy. Immerse yourself in the rich history of this unique country, enjoying the impressive works of art and architecture, breathtaking scenery and world-famous cuisine, learning the language and really living it.

The location language school in Italy is in of the most exciting and beautiful cities – San Remo.

Cultural and entertainment program designed to complement the  Italian courses in Italy, opening the doors for you to the best of what it has to offer this magical country. Starting with the museums and art galleries of San Remo and the famous cinema "Ariston" and ending with ancient monuments and traditional restaurants, you will get an unforgettable experience.

Studying at Italian Language School in San Remo

The centuries-old history connected with art left in this city heritage, which has no equal architecture in the world. Its streets and squares, churches and palaces, in the guise of which the alternate and blend harmoniously in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance are living witnesses of the glorious past. Despite the attention paid to the preservation of architecture and culture of the Renaissance, San Remo does not seem to be frozen in time. It is full of life, teeming with university quarter hurrying students, and businessmen to dissect "Vespa". The rich artistic heritage, numerous cultural events and beauty of the urban environment make San Remo one of the most beautiful cities in the world and extraordinary center of attraction for visitors from around the world.

Choose a course

Review the list of our courses and choose what interests you most. We offer courses at any time and for all levels. In addition to the general Italian language courses, you can choose a special training course for business Italian on holiday and for those who are over 50, and many others. Keep in mind, if you need a student visa, the chosen course of Italian must be at least 20 hours per week. This requirement is consistent with such courses as a standard, one-year and 2-year course.

Information prior to the course: a few days before the start of the course you will receive by e-mail your personal card and all the information related to your course: accommodation, transport, as well as addresses, telephone numbers and recommendations how to get to school.

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